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Cloud-Messenger at VPRO Cafe Sonore & European Broadcasting Union

It was a big pleasure to be invited for performance to the Dutch broadcast program “Cafe Sonore” and “Euro Radio concert season” from de Ars Acustica Group of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU, Geneve) at VPRO studio, Hilversum (NL). The concert was live-broadcasted by satellite to 26 lands on 9 April between 21:00 and 22:00 and repeated by Dutch Radio 6 by terrestrial digital radio on Saturday night 13 April 00:00. Cafe Sonore program has been presented by radio-presenter, program-producer and sound-artist Armeno Alberts.

Please, enjoy the images of the performance at Villa VPRO, Hilversum city below. Photographs (c) 2013 by Alfred Momotenko.


Villa VPRO, the centre of Dutch Broadcast established in Hilversum city.


Studio_VPROStudio VPRO interior



Jorge Isaac, the Wizard behind his magic blockflutes



Before the live performance



Working space Cloud-Messenger



Studio VPRO interior (some hours before the performance)


Cloud-Messenger world première during November Music Festival!


The world première of the cross-media project is sold out and it had a successful presentation.


This is how the set looks on stage.


Development of the stage set




Working on the construction drawing


Cloud-Messenger meets Berlin!



Gilles Viandier as the Yaksha during rehearsals in Berlin (still image taken from the rehearsal video)



The communication starts from here: the cast in discussion during the rehearsals (from L to R) Daniela Lehmann, Jasper Kuipers, Hans Tuerlings, Alfred Momotenko, Gilles Viandier  and Babs Appels between (still image from the rehearsal video)




Our rehearsal studio’s in Berlin



 Gilles Viandier in preparation for public performances (still image from the rehearsals video)




The cast of Cloud-Messenger toiled again and again over the long time-line score on the floor. From back to front: Hans Tuerlings, Gilles Viandier, Jasper Kuipers, Babs Appels, Alfred Momotenko and Daniella Lehmann (out of picture, still image from the rehearsal video)




Daniela Lehmann, Gilles Viandier and Jasper Kuipers about the story board of animation (photo from the rehearsal)




Gilles Viandier and Daniella Lehmann concentrating intensely at work in a project against the loneliness (still image from rehearsal video)



Saing “Tsuss” to the Ulfer Studio’s, hopefully not for long…



Our Trailer is released!


Cloud Messenger trailer from Alfred Momotenko on Vimeo.

Focusing on animation

Below some drawings and images of animator Jasper Kuipers, originally designed for the Trailer of Cloud-Messenger (copyright information).

image 1


maiose 2


maiose 3


maiose 4


heart 1


Jasper_Kuipers_image_trailer_Cloud_Messenger_heart2heart 2




A fragment from Trailer, the Background




Working window’s print screen


The video recordings of the Trailer is behind!


With a great satisfaction we look back to that intensive day of our creative work together. Please take a look at some pictures of that unforgeable session:

Jorge Isaac (block flutes) as the Cloud. Once before the recording session: some minutes of full thinking, as well deep concentration and now ready to rise… (NB. no edits, no effects, pure overexposed lights)


Jorge Isaac (block flutes) as the Cloud, but now with the instrument…


Jorge Isaac with Jasper Kuipers (animation artist) at work.


Alfred Momotenko (composer) assisting Jorge Isaac with conducting during the recording-session of the trailer.


Jasper Kuipers, Jorge Isaac and Alfred Momotenko are finishing job after a long day of video recording.


Back to Earth: now with the audio recording part… Jorge Isaac and Alfred Momotenko catching the last notes of the trailer on multi-track (photo by Babs Appels).

To hear some audio fragments form the Cloud-Messenger, please visit the composer’s web page (triggers a new tab).


Many thanks to our material sponsors:

Hilvaria Studio’s (Conference and Art)
NIAf (Netherlands Institute for Animation Film)
HW Sound (rental of professional sound and light)

For full list of sponsors, please visit our Golden List page


Coming: The video recording of the trailer at Hilvaria Studio’s (NL) with the musician Jorge Isaac (block flutes) en Jasper Kuipers (animation artist).


Video recording of the Trailer, straight from artistic Berlin: the choreography part first.

Daniela Lehmann performing dans of Hans Tuerlings (choreograph), video registration by Diego Agulló, still image by Alfred Momotenko.